Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Legacy 1

Salmon Court
Formans Smokehouse Gallery
Stour Road
Hackney Wick
E3 2NT
until 5th December

The affective bond between people and place, is the primary theme of LEGACY I. Examining environmental perceptions and values at different levels:

Legacy I will take place within Salmon Court. The court itself offers a foundation to respond to the historical and industrial qualities of the area as well as being in close proximity to the Olympic stadium, the beacon for development and change within Hackney Wick.

The exhibition will respond on many levels to the industrial and temporal characteristics of the area with the artists considering the shifting environments within Hackney Wick from a dialectical perspective, distinguishing different types of environmental experience.

Legacy I offers emerging and mid career artists the opportunity to exhibit large scale and site specific works. It aims to be an annual event in the East London Arts calendar, supporting and encouraging critical debate within the arts and bringing in to focus the effect of regeneration to artistic communities such as Hackney Wick.

Paul Carter ,Alex Chinneck, Nathaniel Rackowe, Thomas Ireland, Tommy Støckel, Oliver Palmer, Molly Smyth, Noel Clueit, Charlotte Becket, Emma Barrow, Gabriele Beveridge, Simon Davenport, Hannah Brown, Sally Wright, Thomas Adank, Robin Shepherd, Craig Barnes, Myles Painter, Ralph Dorey, Daryl brown, Melissa Hinkin, Jamie Partridge, Charlotte Warne Thomas.

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