Monday, July 26, 2010

Florian Bielefeldt

In the hopelessness of this crumbling to ashes golden age of confusion, despite all adversities places of love and happiness. This to avoid it is worthwhile to take the road to Arsenal and there these days, the ongoing Bruce LaBruce retrospective look. If you, gentle reader, following my advice you gather in the arsenal - although you must you tap on the shoulder, as you now, at least once in your life what have you done right - then you not afraid and I keep this moment and let you stand before the photographs in the foyer. By Susanne on Sachsse on one and the same image may be consolation and courage creates in the same breath. Then you still call to mind that I have made this stand, and my blessing will not miss you. So on to the Arsenal! And if you do not believe it but then peep here:

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