Monday, June 7, 2010

Michael Raedecker

Galerie Max Hetzler
Oudenarder Straße 16-20
D-13347 Berlin

June 11 - July 17, 2010

Since the 90s, Michael Raedecker deals primarily with traditional genres such as landscape, still life, architecture and interiors. His painting combines an extraordinary way with the art of embroidery, sewing and Special Sensors, brings thoughtful and contrasting works. In our increasingly dominated by electronic media time Raedecker work lives something deeply melancholic held.

The starting point is apparently known sites: Deserted Landscapes, lonely or abandoned houses interiors that help, because all of them coming from our collective memory, recognition and access to Michael Raedecker work.

Not infrequently, there is the sense of an unfulfilled, utopian promises. In other images, in turn, the material on the subject: clothes, towels, linen and lace are presented simultaneously and in real terms used in the factory. The titles of the works are usually very cautious and point to common memories and experiences.

The images often seem reduced and sketchy, much of the surface seem scratched, faded or erased like. Color, types of yarn and other materials to counteract each other. Embroidered lines serve the accentuation of "bleeding drops or splashes of color and keep the picture in balance between chance and design.

The different realities that Raedecker designs in his works unfold a compelling interplay of closeness and distance. Nor can the artist's preferred medium, the embroidery, reading as a commentary on much more conceptual positions and also proving to be interesting links between High and Low Art generosity and freedom mark the oeuvre of Michael Raedecker.

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