Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sachiko Abe - Cut Paper

photos by Julia Waugh


Anonymous said...

For around 10 hours a day, Sachiko Abe sits on a white mattress on the floor behind long, gauze curtains cutting paper. Curls of paper as thin as wires hang from the ceiling and billow in piles on the ground; it is like an ice palace.

Sachiko, a postgraduate at the Royal College exhibiting in this finals show for students on the Curating Contemporary Art course, started cutting paper when she was in a mental hospital nine years ago. It helped calm her and deflected her need to cut herself. 'It takes 40 minutes to cut one whole paper,' she writes in her explanatory note. 'The thinness is 0.5mm. During the depressed period, the thinness is about 0.3mm.'

Caroline Boucher:

Anonymous said...

It was truly amazing to watch. There was a sense of peace and sadness as if she was telepathically telling her story. A very patient talented artist :)