Monday, March 22, 2010

Noel Clueit

"Recent work has begun to look towards our cultural attachment to modern symbols / icons / monuments, the function of objects and the way in which we perceive signs . I am also interested in the point where art meets with commodity, operating within the skewed value systems of modern culture where art comes to exist as a commodity itself - that art itself must offer answers. For everything. Popular culture is constructed on hopeless ideals, the utopian ideals of modernism have become scratched, glitched, forever repeating... Through the careful choice and manipulation of materials I seek to explore the shift and erosion of taste and value within contemporary culture – this manifests in work that exists as a reference to it's own supposed existence - sculptures that are proposals for themselves, hand drawn neon lights and hand made design objects. They are studies for a proper version – sampled, ready made, remixed, left open ended and exposed."

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