Friday, May 22, 2009

Zineb Sedira - Currents of Time

Currents of Time: New Work by Zineb Sedira
Rivington Place
London EC2A 3BA
21 May – 25 Jul 2009

Floating Coffins was filmed on the little known but beautiful coastline of Mauritania, a bird watcher's paradise. It is also where the world's shipping is beached and broken up, drawing parallels with another of the region's characteristics - the habour city of Nouadhibou, which has become a point of departure for African migrants trying to reach Europe.

This unique phenomenon on the Saharan shores represents both a hazard to shipping and an ecological threat. Also the sea becomes a space of ‘decline' and an inactive landscape where lifeless ships and human bodies can be found rejected by the sea.

Acclaimed international artist Zineb Sedira is also showing new photographic and light box works to accompany Floating Coffins at Rivington Place.

The installation is presented on a complex arrangement of 14 screens with layered sound compiled by Mikhail Karikis. The work lingers with surreal ease on figures removing scrap, birds arriving, and the extraordinary landscape where desert, sea and man's struggle to survive, all combine.

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