Friday, May 8, 2009

HOUSE - Brighton
The Regency Town House, The Permanent Gallery, Clifton Street, Grey Area, Lighthouse, Phoenix Studios, Wellington House.
2nd - 25th May 2009

Where Open Houses transform homes into galleries, HOUSE inverts this concept, bringing the ‘domestic’ into local small galleries and art spaces. HOUSE includes six curated projects - featuring special commissions, outsider art and a home cinema - that draw on different artists’ interpretations of this theme.

Phoenix Brighton hosts visits to the studios of six Phoenix artists. These artist-led tours will introduce visitors to nationally and internationally acclaimed artists who work in the city, but rarely exhibit here. The tours provide a wonderful opportunity for informal discussion with the artists.

The final element links HOUSE and the Artists Open Houses festival. Selectors’ Choice, upstairs at The Regency Town House, showcases work by artists exhibiting in the Open Houses. The exhibition mixes accomplished, dynamic and thought provoking work in a stunning gallery space.

HOUSE brings a rich mix of diverse and innovative new work to the Brighton festival season. It might lead you to you think again about the simple domestic space.

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