Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Emily Speed - PSL

Project Space Leeds
Whitehall Waterfront
2 Riverside Way
Leeds LS1 4EH
August 11th - 12th

Emily Speed will create a cyclic drawing on the exterior of the shed over 4 days. Starting with proposals/sketches for structures – reminiscent of buildings – which are prevalent in her work, Speed will then explore the physical impossibilities of these structures and the drawing will change to show construction, collapse and repair before perhaps collapsing again.

Speed’s work is about aspects of shelter and the vulnerability and temporary nature of things. She often uses architectural forms in her work and is interested in the way that architecture can act as a metaphor for our internal selves (the body as a building that houses the mind) and with the enduring sense of memory and/or personal identity that is often embedded in or linked with particular sites. Her work incorporates discarded items, shifting scale and a precariousness.

Come along and participate in a collaborative drawingwith Emily Speed to accompany her work on the shed. Tea and biscuits provided!

Exposing Contemporary Visual Art Practice
Getting paid
By: Emily Speed "Rather than talk about my work on here (I have tried it and it seems to make me quite despondent) I have decided it will be far more helpful for me to explore some of the issues facing artists trying to make a living out of this business..."

210 [7 August 2010]
"Today has been a little bit blissful. I woke up at 9, put my head down again and somehow it was midday. It the best and first sleep I have had at home, at the weekend for about 6 weeks. WONDERFUL.

Anyway, I am in pyjamas, eating toast, posting nonsense on twitter et al and reading my way round the confusing myriad of articles and comments on the current state of the arts cuts and funding. Also into that goes the SAU and Scottish highlands research into loans for artists (not sure if that's a good idea or not, but thanks to Susan Jones for highlighting some important points). Lastly I signed up to be an AIR activist and am looking forward to seeing what that involves. After I have made some sense of it all - hopefully - I will have some writing to do!

Over the next three weeks I also plan to get a group of creative types together at Royal Standard to draft a submission to the DCMS inquiry on arts and heritage funding. Was very glad to hear my posting of this on facebook prompted Anna Francis to organise similar with artists in Stoke-on-Trent. Anyone can contribute, so do if you can..."

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