Friday, December 12, 2008

Mark Waugh - Come

The ear is an open vein. Knowledge is a drug.To start the story now when batteries are so low. As the Winter closes in and the books come out.
Every horizon is obsolete.
This story would not be easier to tell if I hadn't already tampered with the text. Like a lover I worked with the words until their meaning was mined and gushed it's lubricant into fecundity. The dirt on the disk has consumed passion. Time seals the tombs of Pharoahs. The crimes of the future are taught in the past. Love is a corpse wrapped in transparent plastic.
So now you know nothing of the story that hides behind this fog in an ocean on translucent words..
So now you read the letters c-o-m-e with cruel indifference and who knows what special effects raise the machine from the dead.
So know you now both coda and tail?
Words are mnemonic equations that derail the senses as they track a world that disappears before them. In books words convey cultural traffic across invisible borders. Words are signs that lead us astray.

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afoundation said...

A really inspirational read!