Friday, December 19, 2008

Event Horizon - GSK Contemporary

Event Horizon - GSK Contemporary Season At The RA continues with Event Horizon, curated by Temporarycontempory, Anthony Gross and Jen Wu, a dynamic programme of new commissions by major London-based artists. Event Horizon traces a British avant-garde as sculpture transforms into social experience with new sculptural installations, and a social club infrastructure housing over 30 nights of live events.

: Environments by Marc Camille Chaimowicz, David Medalla, Georgina Starr, Brian Griffiths, Plastique Fantastique (David Burrows and Simon O'Sullivan), temporarycontemporary.

BEYOND THE HORIZON : Installation, social events, and performance by Spartacus Chetwynd (Helmut Newton Ladies Nights), Bob & Roberta Smith with Le Suisse Marocain and Leonardo Ulian (kiosk & piano bar), Mark Titchner (artist residency acid test), Gail Pickering (convention centre), Tai Shani (tableau performance feat. Guapo), Reza Aramesh (street occupation), Alexander Hidalgo (fashion/music event), Lindsay Seers (cinema performance), Pil and Galia Kollectiv (banquet), Anthony Gross (LED eyes), Luke Oxley (shop), Adam Nankervis (performance), Paul O’Neill (General Idea films and DJ set), David Burrows and Kit Poulson (contacting angels), David Blamey and Craig Richards (sound).

: Live music by the Apathy Band, the Readers, the No No Band, Victor Mount, ‘Sawing off the Branch I’m Sitting on’: Selection by John Millar with Ruby Pester & Nadia Rossi, Hysteria On Film (films by Carol Morley and Richard Squires), Cara Ball Tolmie, Omnivore Demon, Let Me Feel Your Finger First, Ming Ming and the Ching Chings and Colin Miller & David James Grinly. Mark Pearson, Jason Underhill (karaoke), Evel Gazebo play Hawkwind's 'Space Ritual’. Young UK fashion show, Poker All Stars, Bistrotheque Monday Cabaret with Bourgeois & Maurice and Jonny Woo, and more...

About GSK Contemporary
31 October 2008 – 19 January 2009
This year marks the beginning of a season of contemporary art at 6 Burlington Gardens. GSK Contemporary features more than 20 art exhibitions, 40 live events and 100 film screenings.

The season sees East End restaurant Bistrotheque set up as FLASH, a temporary restaurant designed especially for GSK Contemporary. There is also a cafe and late-night art bar in an installation by temporarycontemporary.

The programme is divided into two main parts; Part 1, Molten States, explores the links between art, performance and experimental theatre. Part 2, Collision Course, reveals an apocalyptic vision, including a tribute to the artistic legacy of William Burroughs.

Also launching during the season is Event Horizon, a programme of new commissions by major London-based artists.

Event Horizon
31 Oct 2008 — 19 Jan 2009
6 Burlington Gardens
Royal Academy Of Arts

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