Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Florian Bielefeldt - An Interview

What is the medium you work in and how are you developing this?:
Let me answer through the mouth of Sarah Connor "Everything on this wall stands for something. It is all blood." My way of approaching everyday life is based on the idea that you can not understand reality only by looking at the facts, but by making aware the phantasmatic dimensions or to transit these phantasmatic dimensions. For that I am using a comic based style and create imaginary figures and settings that spread out of the drawing into the room.

Have your ideas around sustainable practice moved in any particular direction over the last year?: Not massively. The engine runs smooth although it went out of fuel before I came to participate in the A Curriculum. Now it is filled again and some applications were installed. Thanks to the talks and presentations during the residency.

How has sharing a studio with 7 other artists informed the work you would show?:
Well, I am not sure if you can see that in my work. But sharing the studio was a difficult experience. I enjoyed it much because I got an idea of different work styles. And that helped me to reconsider my own strategies. On the other hand I had the feeling that everybody is watching me all the time - which was obviously not true - but I just had this feeling and that disturbed me a little bit. But I think that was also a worthwhile experience.

Have you ever considered collaboration to produce work ?: I did not collaborate so far. I would like to, but until now it just did not happen. I think if I bump into somebody who shares my ideas it would be great to collaborate.

What is the gift within your work?:
I think that it does not rebuff the viewer at first sight.

Who are your audience?
:One is called Hans Gruber but I have forgotten the names of the other three, but I wrote it down somewhere. They are friendly and cuddly guys from an NHS-office who I met in the janitors room in the Nakatomi Plaza building.

Have you ever purchased the work of another artist?:
I swapped some works with other artists, but I did not buy something so far. It did not really come to my mind. I guess, it is because I see myself more as a producer than a consumer. But to be honest, I never thought it through.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?:
On a chair still reading "infinite jest" of David Foster Wallace

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