Friday, January 8, 2010

Rayday (Jeff Keen’s Amazing Rayday Compendium)

February 2009 Five printed posterworks by experimental filmmaker Jeff Keen, originally produced in the sixties, republished in 2009 as a limited edition box-set. Additional items include a foreword by AL Rees and a Visual Timeline by audio-visual artist Ian Helliwell.

Jeff Keen is essential viewing for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of experimental film and video. Keen’s films – from his first 8mm work Wail, made in 1960, to recent films such as Joy Thru Film (c. 2000) and Omozap Terribelis + Afterblatz 2 (2002) – are high-voltage visual shocks, eruptions of pulp imagery, eroticism, violence, language games, uncensored imagination, and sheer giddy exuberance.

Early in 2009, Permanent Gallery in Brighton held ‘GAZWRX & RAYDAY’ an exhibition of works by Keen and Ian Helliwell, marking the launch not only of the BFI DVD set, but also a boxed edition of Keen’s lively broadsheet publication ‘Rayday’, produced by Permanent Gallery.

The Permanent Bookshop is a not-for-profit collector, promoter and retailer of artist’s books and other printed items. Founded in 2003, as part of Brighton’s Permanent Gallery, it carries a range of independently published items including limited edition bookworks, journals and zines.

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