Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tatsumi Orimoto - Bread Man Talking

The Japan Foundation, London
Russell Square House
10-12 Russell Square

15 October 2010

Tatsumi Orimoto is a leading name in the global performance art scene known for his seemingly bizarre work in which he deals with everyday life, ageing and questions of communication. Orimoto’s persona of Bread Man, whereby he appears with his face obscured by bread, is a clear example of what Orimoto describes as “communication art” and attracts many bewildered and curious looks from passers-by as they are invited to engage in his world.

Together with other works such as the more moving Art Mama, in which his mother who suffers from Alzheimers is the main subject, Orimoto condenses in his work his interpretation of reality and true life by surrounding us with scenes of calculated absurdity and dry humour.

In this illustrated conversation with Mark Waugh, Executive Director of A Foundation and Curator of Tatsumi’s recent retrospective in the UK which included hundreds of documentary photos and video works of Tatsumi’s recorded performances, Tatsumi will reveal the motivations and meanings behind his work, and explain the processes of his creative activities, as well as the relation between his work, his personal life and society.

This event offers a very unique recounting of Tatsumi’s highly respected artistic career which spans from the 1970s and has seen him delight and intrigue audiences wherever he goes, from international exhibitions such as Venice Biennale to the streets of London.

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