Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sachiko Abe

photos by Julia Waugh.


Anonymous said...

Abe is oblivious to the exterior world around her, withdrawing into her own mind. Abe has, for nine years, obsessively practiced this activity in private. Sachiko Abe’s work possesses a calm and eery self containment that invokes fear, isolation, and hypnotic control; one in which the viewer is both intruder and collaborator.

Anonymous said...

"I went to visit Sachiko Abe (showing in A Foundation for the Biennial) in her studio, an oasis of peace and calm and then not so as you see the obsessive cutting and drawing works. I spent a lot of time feeling up her square cut paper bundles, they remind me of the coarse white hairs that I am increasingly finding on my head. The texture of the beards in Roald Dahl├ó€™s The Twits beards (without the egg). Sachiko showed me one of the enormous drawing works of tiny little connected oval shapes. They look a bit like mini bunches of bananas.

She did a performance at The Bluecoat in 2004 I think. I missed it."