Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Collectors Salon at The Economy of the Gift

Part 1Collecting across a new Europe.

Salon participants:
Johann Novack, DNA Galerie, Berlin
Anna-Catherine Gebbers, free-lance curator, Berlin
Mariana Vassileva, artist living in Berlin
Magda Radu curator at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest
Marian Ivan, Director, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

Part 2
Collecting, a passionate commitment?

Salon Participants:
Paul Hobson, Contemporary Art Society, London
Tim Eastop, The Collective, London
Eric Bainbridge, artist, London and Sunderland
Leila Aitken, Ceri Hand, Liverpool

The Collectors Salon is an opportunity to explore issues that seem to define the current markets in contemporary art in the aftermath of the economic crisis but perhaps more significantly in a world still bound to complex ideological spectres and confused about who should collect art. Mark Waugh, Executive Director A Foundation, will chair the panels.

The Economy series is supported by: Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council, North West Development Agency, Romanian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Sweden, Swiss Cultural Institute and Saatchi Online.

photos by Julia Waugh.

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Anonymous said...

Emily Speed:

"In reality, being represented by a gallery is not for the many. Hearing lots of curators/collectors talk at the symposium at A Foundation, which was part of The Economy of the Gift exhibition/art fair, was like being in a different world. About 30-40 people attended, all collectors, gallerists and some artists (those in the show). They seemed to be used to operating in their specific circles and a lot of the discussion indicated that unrepresented artists were pretty much invisible to them. It was about wider issues too though, and a very interesting discussion to sit in on. One man (whose name I don't know as he was a last minute change to the programme), made a bit of a derogatory comment about a-n, their activities, or artists - I'm not sure of the intent entirely, but it made me bristle. I paraphrase, but something like - 'it's all very well a-n printing guides to being an artist and trying to 'professionalise' the arts, but you either have it or not'."