Monday, February 23, 2009

GAZWRX - The Films of Jeff Keen

GAZWRX contains over 9 hours of films and videos by the visionary filmmaker from his 60s beatnik movies to his multi-layered videos of the 90s - a criminally overdue opportunity to explore the alternative cinematic world of one of Britain's most important experimental filmmakers.

Emerging as an experimental filmmaker in the early 60’s, Keen’s distinctive approach pushes film beyond its traditional narrative limits, exploring the full graphic potential of the medium through non-linear movement and synthetic vision. Throughout his work the immense physicality and painterly quality of the imagery is in great part achieved by his hands-on approach, utilizing frequent cutting and spicing, stop-frame animation.

His moving image work is also notable for its breakneck pace, cranked-up colour and earth-shaking soundtracks. A self-taught artist, Keen has been inspired by cowboy films and b-movies, pulp novels, comics, and 50’s men’s magazines. Using family, friends and himself as the cast, the settings have included his flat in Brighton, the Sussex Downs, and the local rubbish dump.

Now in his eighties, Keen continues to generate resonant images though his copious sketchbook entries and moving images.

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